BBDO and Autism Speaks: Eye Contact Using Kinect

Posted by Chris Campaner on April 27th, 2011

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Autism Speaks and BBDO New York have teamed up to create an interactive experience demonstrating what parents truly go through when their child is diagnosed with Autism. One of the most prominent signs of Autism in children is the avoidance of eye contact. The team at BBDO decided to try and recreate what it must be like trying to interact with a child in this scenario, to engage people on a deep and relatable level.

Using “Kinect” technology, the same motion-detecting equipment found in your Xbox gaming gear, a life-size young girl was shown on a video screen and when a person would stand close to try and make eye contact with her, she would look in opposite directions, imitating the real world experience.

Not only is this a great demonstration of how to engage people with a charitable message, it’s a fantastic way to educate and entertain at the same time. Too often we see awareness pushes like this that are relevant or connective at the moment of interaction and then forgotten just as quickly. Autism Speaks and BBDO have truly uncovered a simple, yet effective (not to mention fast) way of connecting the user with the truths of the disorder, along with the human emotions that come into play with all people involved.
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Autism Speaks: Eye Contact Installation Creative Credits

Agency: BBDO New York
Client: Autism Speaks /Ad Council
CCO: David Lubars
ECD: Ronald Ng
CD/Art Director: Tim Wettstein
CD/Copywriter: Patrick Herold
Director of Creative Engineering: JD Michaels
Production Company: Grant Ave
Director: Marjo Tremblay
Director of Photography: Paul Blain
Executive Producer : Michael Ching
Visual Effects Company: FLOAT Hybrid Entertainment
Digital Arts Supervisor: Peter Oberdorfer
Gesture Control Engineer: David Bennett, David Tim Nyo
Videographer: Dennis Liu