Publicis and Coca-Cola Want To Make You The Recycling King

Posted by Matthew Stasoff on June 20th, 2011



With the arrival of Facebook Places in Israel, Publicis Group wanted to use this feature to increase the awareness of plastic bottle recycling while also making it fun. This meant the activation of 10,000 Facebook Places around Israel where consumers could check-in, post about their contribution and have the opportunity to be named “Recycling King.”

The 10,000 places marked recycling bins throughout Israel, so not only did this act as a check-in point but it also made it easier for consumers to find locations where they could recycle their plastic goods.

This is a great example of how a large brand such as Coca-Cola can take the initiative and risk to try out a system like this and try to do something positive not only for the environment, but for communities within Israel.

I hope to see more action like this from both larger and small brands because the resources are pretty much free and at their disposal. But the initiative by Publicis and Coca-Cola is a great jumping off point.