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Posted by Hilary Craig on August 4th, 2011

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Laura Vandenbergh describes herself as the curious Graphic Designer Grad at Saatchi X. Originally from Antwerp, Belgium she has a passion for advertising, design, fashion and art. She studied Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, but is the type to always want more, and to look for new adventures. Last year she decided to follow her heart and move to London, England. Finishing her degree in another language and a totally new environment, she is inspired everyday by her new surroundings. Check out her BuzzShare post below on her exciting new life as one of the four Saatchi X Grads:

Below is the full piece from Laura Vandenbergh. She shares a blog with the three other Saatchi X grads (Saatchi X Graduates).

The design Graduate
Soon after finishing my intense final major project at my Graphic Design course, I’m back in the race again. This time it is not a case of pass, merit, distinction, but a case of proving myself in the real world.

Traveling in style.
Every morning, I make my (not so glamorous) way to work. I might wear my high heels, but my new favorite accessory is my all black mountain bike. I know, why not go by tube? London has the most elaborate underground system, but as much as I would like, it’s also very expensive for a shopaholic graduate girl like me so I was very happy to find out the Saatchi building has a big and safe bike parking space, and even happier when I found out even some of the top people who work here, come by bike. Well if anything makes a Belgian girl happy, accept for chocolate and Belgian waffles, it would be seeing lots of other fellow cyclist. After switching my not so charming biker shorts into my pencil skirt another work injected day at Saatchi x can begin.

The first ‘brief’ I got as a designer, was from my 3 other graduate colleagues. As you probably noticed, we set up a blog, Facebook, Twitter… to make sure none of you will look past our great adventures at Saatchi X. So one of my parts was to design a cartoon for every single one of us as well as designing the look and feel of the blog together with Emily our Art Director Graduate.

“A cartoon, Uhm…” that was the first thing I thought. As you can see at my portfolio site here (, my “design style” doesn’t immediately lend it’s self to cartoons. But hey, as Saatchi X slogan clearly states, ‘Nothing Is Impossible’, and the cool thing working in an agency like this is being able to do as many different creative things as possible. I took the challenge and created the images, which you can see online. After including them in our presentation to the Worldwide CEO Dina Howel last week I received a lot of positive feedback.

Design and more
My agenda is a lofty list of meetings, inductions, briefs, book-buying trips, lunches and coffees. Reading this, I instantly wondered, “would there be any time to do any designing?” However, I quickly learned all of this is a big challenge in the design process but I have somehow managed to find time to execute my designs. I have already been working on some very interesting projects, from designing for a internationally renowned hair care brand, to rebranding an identity for charity and of course working on a Smirnoff brief, together with the 3 other grads. One of the first briefs I was given was to design the lay out of Saatchi & Saatchi X Creative Agenda for 2012. Big first brief right? That’s what I thought too. Luckily I’ve got an amazing mentor to guide me, Georgia. She is the head of design at Saatchi X, and believe me, there’s a reason for that. She has an amazing sense of style and a very impressing background (from New York to Paris) So I was very relieved when we noticed our tastes in good design synced, and it felt a bit less scary to start designing the new Creative Agenda. After the design bounced between me, Georgia, (head of design) Emma Perkins (Executive Creative Director) and Simon Hathaway (CEO) and changing a lot of details, it was finally approved, and my first ‘Saatchi X baby’ was born. Lets hope lots of them may follow!

Again, I’m at the start of a new week already, things you enjoy always seem to go faster, and that’s definitely what happening here. Working in a place with such a fast pace and creative vibe really gives me a lot energy. If there’s one thing I have learned about working here, it’s that you do need a lot of energy and passion to keep going, but if you are one of the lucky people like me who have this in their blood, I can only tell you one thing: go for it, you won’t regret.

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